The self-administered acupressure would care for mood disorders

A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of self-administered acupressure on anxiety and depression of Japanese youth. A Japanese randomized controlled trial randomized controlled trial of Horiuchi et al, published in the Global Journal of Health Science in 2015, evaluates the effectiveness of acupressure self-administered for two weeks on the mood of Japanese students state. The results demonstrate […]

Fasting is not a miracle treatment for now

INSERM published in 2014 an expert report on the therapeutic efficacy and safety of fasting. Gueguen and his colleagues published a 2014 INSERM report on the effectiveness and safety of fasting preventive and therapeutic. Current scientific evidence is available to conclude its effectiveness. Fasting the mechanisms are too vague and speculative. Studies have numerous methodological […]

Comparison of psychoeducational methods for children with attention disorders

  A clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of psychoeducational programs and Cogmed Paying careful in Class on school performance, concentration and mnemonic ability of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD / ADHD). A Dutch randomized controlled trial of Van der Donk and his collaborators, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology in 2015, verifies […]

Efficacy of dietary supplement based on Garcinia on weight loss

  A meta-analysis evaluating the efficacy of Garcinia extract to reduce body weight of overweight or obese. An English meta-analysis of Onakpoya and colleagues published in the Journal of Obesity in 2011 assessed on the basis of 12 clinical trials, the efficacy of Garcinia on reducing body weight of adults overweight or obese. The meta-analysis […]

Gargling with green tea does not protect against flu

  A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of gargling with green tea in the prevention of influenza infections among high school students. A Japanese randomized controlled trial of Ide and colleagues in the journal PLOS published in 2014 ONE assesses the effectiveness of gargling with green tea on the prevention of influenza in high school […]

Efficacy of hypnosis in smoking cessation

A meta-analysis evaluates the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to stop smoking. An English meta-analysis of Barnes and colleagues published in the journal Cochrane Collaboration assesses 2010, based on 11 randomized controlled trials, the efficacy of hypnotherapy as a treatment for smoking cessation with at least six months follow-up. The evidence is currently insufficient to recommend the […]

The electronic cigarette help quit smoking

  A meta-analysis evaluates the effectiveness of e-cigarette to help addicts to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop smoking permanently. An English meta-analysis of McRobbie and colleagues published in the journal Cochrane Collaboration in 2014, acting on the basis of two randomized controlled trials, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to help smokers to reduce their […]

The motivational interview with the parents prevents obesity of their children

A clinical trial testing the effectiveness of a program based on motivational interview with parents of overweight children aged 2 to 8 years on the prevention of obesity. This non-drug intervention is performed by general practitioners or not associated with dieticians. A US randomized controlled trial of Resnicow and colleagues, published in the journal Pediatrics […]

Behavioral treatments for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

A meta-analysis assessed the efficacy of behavioral modification techniques in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. A US meta-analysis of Fabiano and colleagues published in the Clinical Psychology Review in 2009 clarifies, based on 174 clinical trials, the effectiveness of behavioral modification techniques in children and adolescents suffering from a disorder called “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD). […]

Role of Complementary Medicines according to the French Academy of Medicine

  The French Academy of Medicine published a report in 2013 on the usefulness of acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic, hypnosis and Tai Chi. The report by Bontoux and colleagues, published by the National Academy of Medicine in 2013, analyzes the clinical value of four techniques: acupuncture, manual medicine (osteopathy and chiropractic), hypnosis and Tai Chi. The […]