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Assessing the Impact of Prevention: What possible Scientific and Actuarial Approach?

Lecture given at the 3th Meeting of Argus on 25th November 2017, Paris, France. Health prevention has become a priority in terms of therapeutic progress, ageing of the population and early detection. Talking about health promotion or awareness is not enough today. It is necessary to talk about health prevention action and to question their […]

A health prevention program for young couples

A clinical trial testing the effectiveness and efficiency of health prevention efforts focused on physical activity and diet with people living in a relationship for less than two years. A randomized controlled trial of Australian Dzator and colleagues, published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology in 2004, assesses the 12-month efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a primary prevention […]

The self-administered acupressure would care for mood disorders

A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of self-administered acupressure on anxiety and depression of Japanese youth. A Japanese randomized controlled trial randomized controlled trial of Horiuchi et al, published in the Global Journal of Health Science in 2015, evaluates the effectiveness of acupressure self-administered for two weeks on the mood of Japanese students state. The results demonstrate […]

Fasting is not a miracle treatment for now

INSERM published in 2014 an expert report on the therapeutic efficacy and safety of fasting. Gueguen and his colleagues published a 2014 INSERM report on the effectiveness and safety of fasting preventive and therapeutic. Current scientific evidence is available to conclude its effectiveness. Fasting the mechanisms are too vague and speculative. Studies have numerous methodological […]

Two NPIs compared to treat low back pain

  A clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of two methods of exercise to treat mild low back pain, the Back School and McKenzie. A Brazilian randomized controlled trial randomized controlled trial of Garcia and colleagues, published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association in 2013, compared to a month efficacy of two physical exercise methods, […]

Anti-inflammatory effect of a diet associated with physical activity

A clinical trial verifies the effectiveness of a supervised program of physical activity and physical activity plus dietary Association on reducing inflammation in the elderly overweight and obese. A randomized controlled trial of English Beavers and colleagues, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2013, evaluates the efficacy over 18 months of physical […]

A cost-effective program to prevent back pain at work

A clinical trial tests the efficacy of an innovative program to prevent musculoskeletal disorders done on the workplace. A Swedish randomized controlled trial of Linton and colleagues, published in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation in 2015, assesses the efficacy of one month intervention based on learning and communication strategies to prevent problem resolution Chronic musculoskeletal […]

Dietary supplements do not protect against cardiovascular disease

A meta-analysis evaluating the efficacy of dietary supplements containing vitamins and antioxidants in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A meta-analysis of Korean Myung and colleagues published in the journal British Medical Journal in 2013 estimated, from the results of 50 controlled randomized trials, the efficacy of food supplements containing vitamins and / or antioxidants in […]

Gargling with green tea does not protect against flu

  A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of gargling with green tea in the prevention of influenza infections among high school students. A Japanese randomized controlled trial of Ide and colleagues in the journal PLOS published in 2014 ONE assesses the effectiveness of gargling with green tea on the prevention of influenza in high school […]

Probiotics enhance sugar levels in the blood

A clinical trial evaluating the effect of probiotics on the fasting blood glucose levels in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus. An Irish randomized controlled trial of Lindsay and his collaborators published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2015 evaluates the effect of the daily intake of probiotics versus placebo in FPG […]