définition du concept conduite de santé ou comportement de santé

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“The concept of health-related behavior is any behavior or activity that is part of everyday life, but which affects the health of the person. Almost any behavior or activities may affect health and in this context it may be useful to consider the health-related behaviors as part of the lifestyle of an individual or group” (Glossary of French Health Database, 2013). Behaviors related to health may not be consciously directed towards improving health. It may have a positive or negative impact on health such as the weekly frequency.

The general message

Interventional research shows that a change in health behavior optimizes health. These changes are more durable, more benefits will be significant, and that, whatever the age of the starting or disease severity.

What it means for health professionals

With the advent of chronic diseases, the Health Blog in recalls a theoretical but more difficult to implement in the field evidence: a health professional can no longer remain strictly focused on the analysis of symptoms and / or an organic function. He or she must consider the person suffering from a disease in its entirety and analyze how particular behaviors play on his health. In other words, he or she should address the patient as much as the disease (and Préfaut Ninot, 2009) and consider all the actions of tertiary prevention.

What it means for Researchers

Randomized controlled trials show that we can optimize our health by changing our behavior. These changes will be more durable, more benefits will be significant. A big question then arises whether these benefits are cumulative, exponential or logarithmic.

What it means for Policymakers

Interventional research shows that we can optimize the health and quality of life by changing the behavior of people with chronic illnesses. Savings can result. These changes will be more durable, and the benefits will be, and that regardless of the age of starting or disease severity.


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