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The electronic cigarette help quit smoking

  A meta-analysis evaluates the effectiveness of e-cigarette to help addicts to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop smoking permanently. An English meta-analysis of McRobbie and colleagues published in the journal Cochrane Collaboration in 2014, acting on the basis of two randomized controlled trials, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to help smokers to reduce their […]

Efficacy of Internet psychotherapy

  A clinical trial proves the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral therapy over the Internet in people with social anxiety. A Swedish randomized controlled trial Hedman and colleagues, published in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy in 2011, compares the effectiveness and economic impact of cognitive behavioral therapy over the Internet to a […]

The guided physiotherapy by phone

A clinical trial testing the effectiveness of a technique guided by phone physiotherapy for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. A randomized controlled trial of English Salisbury and his colleagues, published in Health Technology Assessment Journal in 2013 evaluated the effectiveness of a physiotherapy support by phone on musculoskeletal disorders over a period of six months. This […]

Fighting Junk Food with e-Health?

  A meta-analysis looks into the potential role of information and communication technology in the improvement of individual eating habits. A meta-analysis published by Harris and colleagues in Health Technology Assessment in 2011 assessed the efficacy of e-Health systems in improving the dietary behaviors of teenagers and adults. 43 studies were identified in the scientific and […]

Electronic home monitoring to prevent depression and anxiety for seniors

  One study does not prove effectiveness or cost / effectiveness of an electronic surveillance system for the prevention of depression and anxiety among seniors living in retirement homes specialist. A randomized controlled trial of Bosmans and colleagues published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2013 tested the benefits of an electronic monitoring […]

An App: Effective Way to Lose Weight?

  A clinical study tested the effectiveness of a mobile phone application in the food rehabilitation of obese or overweight. An Australian randomized controlled trial of Brindal and colleagues published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 2013 tested the benefits of the provision of mobile application in a rehabilitation program for food in women […]