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Brief Psychotherapy Reduces Depression Associated with Breast Cancer

A clinical study evaluated the efficacy of the desensitization and reprogramming method by Eye Movement better known by its abbreviation EMDR to reduce the severity of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. A German randomized controlled trial of Beutel and colleagues, published in the Annals of Oncology journal in 2014, evaluates the effectiveness of a brief psychodynamic psychotherapy […]

What to do after the Treatment of Breast Cancer?

  A study shows the effectiveness of a therapeutic education program started after treatment of breast cancer to reduce fatigue and improve body image. A randomized controlled trial of Swedish Björneklett and colleagues published in the Journal of Psychosomatics Research in 2013 tested the benefits of a therapeutic education program for nine days with 382 […]

Exercise During Cancer Treatments

A meta-analysis showed that one and a half to two hours of physical exercise per week reduces fatigue associated with breast cancer treatment. A meta-analysis, based on 17 randomized controlled trials and published in the Annals of Oncology journal in 2013 by Carayol and colleagues, assessed the benefits of physical activity during breast cancer treatment (chemotherapy […]