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An Adapted Physical Activity (APA) program improves the autonomy of people with Alzheimer’s disease sufferers

  A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of a tailored physical activity program (APA) Mobility base of people with Alzheimer’s disease. An American randomized controlled trial of Roach and his colleagues, published in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy in 2011, compares the efficacy of a 4 month program of adapted physical activity (APA) based mobility program […]

Ginkgo biloba does not protect against Alzheimer’s disease

  A clinical trial testing the effectiveness of long-term consumption of ginkgo biloba extract on appariation of risk reduction of Alzheimer’s disease in older people complaining about their memory. A French randomized controlled trial of Vellas and colleagues published in the Lancet Neurology in 2012 evaluated for 5 years, the efficacy of the daily consumption […]