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Utility to associate a method of rehabilitation and psychotherapy for treating back pain

A clinical trial evaluating the long-term benefit of a combined program of physical rehabilitation and behavioral psychotherapy compared to a single program in the treatment of back pain. A Swedish randomized controlled trial of Jensen and colleagues, published in the journal Pain in 2005, compared to 3 years of follow up the effectiveness of medical and behavioral […]

Efficacy of electrical stimulation in rehabilitation of stroke

Efficacy of electrical stimulation in rehabilitation of stroke Stein Brazilian a meta-analysis et al published in the journal Stroke 2015 evaluates, based on 29 trials, the efficiency of electrostimulation combined or not with other types of therapies on muscle spasticity after cerebrovascular accident (CVA). The results show that patients who followed a program electrostimulation improves […]

What to do after a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program?

The American College of Chest Physician and the American Association of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Rehabilitation recommend that COPD patients to continue their rehabilitation in order to maintain their gains. The American College of Chest Physician (ACCP) and the American Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Respiratory (AACVPR) Association published in the journal Chest in 2007 guidelines based on consensus […]

Evidence of the Efficacy of Respiratory Rehabilitation

A study proved the efficacy of a 6-week multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. A landmark randomized controlled trial by Griffiths and colleagues, published in The Lancet in 2000, tested the efficacy of a multidisciplinary program based on physical exercise, nutritional advice, smoking cessation and therapeutic education among 180 patients suffering from COPD. […]

Defining Respiratory Rehabilitation

The American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society define pulmonary rehabilitation whose content is based on evidence, as “a comprehensive and multidisciplinary response for patients with chronic respiratory diseases who are symptomatic and generally have a lower daily activities. Integrated into the individualized treatment of the patient, pulmonary rehabilitation aims to reduce symptoms, improve functional […]

301 revues de littérature sur les INM publiées en 2019

Nous avons recensé toutes les revues narratives, les revues systématiques et les méta-analyses publiées dans une revue scientifique en 2019 sur les interventions non médicamenteuses (INM). 301 articles, ce n’est pas rien… Nous souhaitions connaître le nombre de revues narratives, de revues systématiques et de méta-analyses publiées dans la littérature internationale en 2019 sur les […]

100 manières différentes d’appeler les médecines douces: Qu’est-ce que cela cache?

Les médicaments et les dispositifs médicaux ou DM disposent de cadres scientifique, réglementaire et économique établis. Mais, avant tout, elles n’ont qu’une seule appellation chacune. J’en ai dénombré 100 pour les médecines douces. Voyez plus bas. Quel sens y donner? Subtilité d’approche, mélange des genres, liberté d’expression, opportunisme, corporatisme, particularité culturelle? Qu’est-ce que cela cache? […]

Meta-analysis: essential for NPIs practice

Meta-analysis, an indispensable tool for understanding the benefits and risks of non-pharmacological interventions. More than 100 million Europeans are using alternative medicines according to the 2012 CAMBrella survey. The popularity of these medicines is growing as evidenced by bestsellers, magazine covers, television report hearings and Internet consultations. They are accessible everywhere, in hospitals, in city […]

A cost-effective program to prevent back pain at work

A clinical trial tests the efficacy of an innovative program to prevent musculoskeletal disorders done on the workplace. A Swedish randomized controlled trial of Linton and colleagues, published in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation in 2015, assesses the efficacy of one month intervention based on learning and communication strategies to prevent problem resolution Chronic musculoskeletal […]

All physical activities are not equal during chemotherapy

  A clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of two types of physical activity programs on fitness, fatigue, quality of life and the rate of implementation of the programmed chemotherapy in patients treated for breast cancer or colon. A Dutch randomized controlled trial of van Waart and his colleagues, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology […]