Définir la notion de groupe contrôle

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Intervention research that supports the Blog in Health. The control group is the group of participants who will not test or therapeutic innovation in health prevention. People will take a placebo or follow the standard treatment (standard care). This choice will be based on a thorough analysis of the scientific and medical literature. The average change in the control group will be compared to the intervention group different statistical analyzes (Cucherat, 2013). In a randomized controlled trial, allocation to one of two groups by drawing lots.

The Message to Patients

Any participant in a randomized controlled trial should inform the manager of the study an incident that occurs. It is important to participate in this kind of study knowing that all precautions are taken by researchers and evaluators to ensure the safety of participants.

What it means for Health Professionals

As part of a double-blind study, health professionals should not seek to know what the participants in the control group.

What it means for Researchers

A researcher in a randomized controlled trial must ensure that the randomization procedure is performed to obtain the baseline homogeneous groups.

What it means for Policymakers

The result of the effectiveness of a therapeutic strategy or a health care prevention depends on the even distribution of the randomized controlled trial in the intervention, and control group.


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