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Engage to regular exercise

 A meta-analysis compared the efficacy of programs to motivate sedentary individuals to engage and maintain healthy physical activity. The English meta-analysis of Foster and colleagues published in the journal Cochrane Collaboration in 2009 compared, on the basis of 29 randomized controlled trials, different intervention strategies that engage physical activity in sedentary adults. The main result […]

Most chronic diseases can be prevented

In 2006, the World Health Organization published a landmark report which should revolutionize our understanding of chronic diseases and cause us to act accordingly. It’s urgent! In a 2006 report, World Health Organization (WHO) warned of the silent chronic disease epidemics, which will affect every country in the world. At this time, these diseases cannot be […]

Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

  A study tested the efficacy of a multidisciplinary program in reducing falls in people over 70 and living at home. This Spanish randomized controlled trial, published in 2012 by Perula and colleagues in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2012, tested the efficacy of a multifactorial intervention program aimed at reducing the risk of falls […]

Nations must change gear against the obesity epidemic

   The report underlines the urgency to curb the obesity epidemic looming 2030. A report by the Trust for America’s Health released in 2012 and offers practical solutions to the epidemic of obesity, if left unchecked, will affect nearly half of Americans in 2030 (44%). These solutions are based primarily on behavioral change vis-à-vis food and physical […]

Reduce the risk of depression by physiotherapy

  A clinical trial does not prove the effectiveness of a physiotherapy program one year on indicators of depression in elderly over 65 years living in a retirement home people. A randomized controlled trial of Underwood et al published in The Lancet in 2013 tested the benefits of a biweekly physical therapy program on depressive […]

All physical activities are not equal in health benefit

The Canadian National Institute of Public Health released a report that offers international harmonization in five levels of intensity of the practice of physical activity. The Canadian National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) is based on the scientific literature to suggest a distinction of exercise intensity values ​​on five levels: (1) low, (2) low, (3) […]

The danger of diets

 A report by the French Agency for Food Safety warning about the dangers of weight loss plans covered. The French Agency for Food Safety (ANSES) issued a report in 2010 showing the ravages biological, psychological, social and economic plans to target weight loss. The analysis of several dieting “indicates that they can induce nutritional imbalances […]

Preventing falls in hospital

 A study proves the medical and economic effectiveness of a multimedia program for the prevention of falls in hospitalized patients over 60 years. A randomized controlled trial of Australian Haines and colleagues published in the journal BMC Medicine in 2013 tested benefits and the ratio cost / effectiveness of a multimedia education program for the […]

Prescription of non-pharmacological intervention

A report by the French Health Authority in 2011 reports on progress and barriers to the prescription of non-drug interventions in France. The report of the French Health Authority (HAS) of April 2011 takes stock of the development of prescription non-drug treatment in France. The first part of the report is based on a literature review […]

The antioxidants in the prevention of digestive cancers

A meta-analysis shows that antioxidant supplementation does not reduce the risk of digestive cancers. A meta-analysis of Bjelakovic and collaborators published in The Lancet in 2004 testing the efficacy of antioxidant supplementation in the prevention of digestive cancers and mortality from this cancer. No benefit is obtained. Worse, it may increase mortality digestive cancer. The […]